Where do America’s super-rich live?

More than half of America’s super rich live in New York or on the west coast.
The Forbes 400 for 2017 lists the worlds riches humans from newly minted king Jeff Bezos at $120┬áBillion (at the time the list was printed, he was still second to Bill Gate’s $89 Billion) down to David Zalik who just makes the list with a cool $2 Billion to his name. Most live in the United States and while the bulk of those can be found on the coasts, Billionaires are spread nicely throughout the land.
If one looks at the super rich however, three states are home to more than half of the top 30. California leads with seven, New York follows with five and Washington with it’s Microsoft and Amazon headquarters bring in another four. Phil Knight (Nike) is the sole Oregon representative in the $15 Billion and greater club.
Below are the top 30 richest people in the world listed by state. The one foreigner to make the cut is Len Blavatnik of London, England.
#11 Jim Walton $38.4 B 69 Bentonville, AR Wal-Mart
#12 S. Robson Walton $38.3 B 73 Bentonville, AR Wal-Mart
#4 Mark Zuckerberg $71 B 33 Palo Alto, CA Facebook
#5 Larry Ellison $59 B 73 Woodside, CA software
#9 Larry Page $44.6 B 44 Palo Alto, CA Google
#10 Sergey Brin $43.4 B 44 Los Altos, CA Google
#21 Elon Musk $20.8 B 46 Los Angeles, CA Tesla Motors
#24 Laurene Powell Jobs $19.4 B 54 Palo Alto, CA Apple, Disney
#28 Donald Bren $16.3 B 85 Newport Beach, CA real estate
#30 Charles Ergen $15.8 B 64 Denver, CO satellite TV
#26 Ray Dalio $17 B 68 Greenwich, CT hedge funds
#6 Charles Koch $48.5 B 82 Wichita, KS Koch Industries
#29 Abigail Johnson $16 B 56 Milton, MA money management
#3 Warren Buffett $78 B 87 Omaha, NE Berkshire Hathaway
#14 Sheldon Adelson $35.4 B 84 Las Vegas, NV casinos
#6 David Koch $48.5 B 77 New York, NY Koch Industries
#8 Michael Bloomberg $46.8 B 75 New York, NY Bloomberg LP
#20 George Soros $23 B 87 Katonah, NY hedge funds
#25 James Simons $18.5 B 79 East Setauket, NY hedge funds
#27 Carl Icahn $16.7 B 81 New York, NY investments
#18 Phil Knight $25.2 B 79 Hillsboro, OR Nike
#13 Alice Walton $38.2 B 68 Fort Worth, TX Wal-Mart
#19 Michael Dell $23.2 B 52 Austin, TX Dell computers
#16 Jacqueline Mars $25.5 B 78 The Plains, VA candy, pet food
#2 Bill Gates $89 B 62 Medina, WA Microsoft
#1 Jeff Bezos $120 B 54 Seattle, WA Amazon.com
#15 Steve Ballmer $33.6 B 61 Hunts Point, WA Microsoft
#22 Paul Allen $20.6 B 65 Mercer Island, WA Microsoft, investments
#16 John Mars $25.5 B 82 Jackson, WY candy, pet food
#23 Len Blavatnik $19.6 B 60 London diversified


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