Is Alibaba’s founder behind China’s answer to Bitcoin?

Bitcoin, a relatively new form of currency, became a household name a few years back and at one point grew to be worth nearly half a trillion dollars. Since then, hundreds of other digital currencies (called crypto-coins) have sprung up across the globe.

One of the quickest growing and most valuable is called TRONIX, which was created by the non-profit TRON foundation based out of Singapore. TRON introduced the concept of a shared economy in digital entertainment and gambling. Their platform offers reliable payment, storage, and co-funded features.

In addition to TRONIX, many other cryptocurrencies are supported. The platform works with Bitcoin, Ethereum, EOS, Qtum and provides an infrastructure for building entertainment applications from which users can derive a financial benefit

The company received financial support and approval from China’s largest business people and from around the world. Although not specifically mentioned, Chinese magnate Jack Ma, the founder of mega-company Alibaba, is the most notable businessman in the country. It’s not a stretch to think he would invest in an exciting new endeavor like TRON.

The fresh-faced Justin Sun, who founded TRON, sent multiple tweets that could lend one to believe Ma – or at least Alibaba – is linked in one way or another to TRON. From senior Alibaba coders making the move to TRON or comments about what it takes to be like Jack Ma, Sun keeps his followers on their toes. A picture of Sun and Ma together making the rounds on the internet offers reinforcement, but in reality provides little proof as Ma had done many photo ops with fans after speeches and other public appearances.

Outside of the rumor mill, there is little evidence to connect Ma with TRONIX, but proponents of a connection point out that founder Justin Sun was personally invited to become one of the first students at the University of Hong Kong in western China. The University was personally founded by Ma.

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